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Conditions for the label:

  1. A catering trade company using the vegetarian label must constantly offer at least one complete vegetarian menu, which is at least changed as frequently as the standard menu (normally once per day).
  2. Additionally to vegetarian dishes already on the normal menu (hors-d'oeuvres, side-dishes, salads, etc.), the restaurant must have at least two dishes on offer (main meals, not necessarily complete menus), which are suitable for vegetarians.
  3. The service- and kitchen personnel should know the differences between the 4 vegetarian categories and be able to also identify all beverages and meals accordingly. In any case, wrong information must never be given (e.g. to declare a menu vegetarian which contains bacon or fish). As an alternative, all meal-offers can be divided into the correct vegetarian categories in a written form (e.g. in self-service restaurants).
    The four vegetarian categories:
    with milk and eggs
    with milk, no eggs
    with eggs, no milk
    without any animal products
  4. For all ingredients used for V-label meals, the same strict requirements are applied as for label products in the retail trade. The licensee will give any assistance regarding the selection of ingredients.
  5. The company accepts random sampling and unannounced kitchen access. Only in exceptional cases there will be more than one-two undeclared inspections per year.

The above text is a summary of the label-regulation concerning the catering trade. The complete regulation (for products and services) can be downloaded here: label-regulations (PDF).

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