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V-Label - Vegi-Label - Vegetarian-Label - V-logo - Vegi-Logo Welcome! Label
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The European Vegetarian Label (V-label / V-logo / Veggie-logo)


You will find on this page...

as consumer

as producer

as restaurateur caterer

...which guarantee the label gives

...the criteria for the production of the V-label-products

...the criteria for the V-label restaurants

...a list of all V-label-products

...a list of all restaurants which accepted the criteria of the V-label

...what you can guarantee to your customers with the V-label

...information and requirements for the V-label products

...a list of all producters who already use the V-Label

...documents about the regulations, criteria and the label itself for download

...what you can guarantee to your guests with the V-label

...information and requirements for the V-label-certification

Test your knowledge about the V-label: Quiz.

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