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Mixed Vegetable Balls


What are the label-advantages for consumers?

On products:

  • You can see immediately that a product does not contain slaughter products.
  • The criteria for vegetarian and/or vegan products correspond to the rules recognized internationally by all vegetarian organizations.
  • An independent label, which is used on the products of various manufacturers, is more trustworthy than a not controlled label of the food industry

In Restaurants:

  • The label guarantees accurate menu-declaration.
  • Already at the entrance it becomes evident, by the label, that a restaurant offers also suitable dishes for vegetarians.
  • The restaurants using the label are mentioned in special lists and are, on inquiry, recommended for vegetarian guests. This V-label restaurant list facilitates the finding of suitable companies.
  • Unannounced controls of the companies offer maximum security to the guests by ensuring that the conditions are constantly respected.
  • By means of their special know-how, the responsible vegetarian organizations help developing the often meat-based training of chefs and thus prevent misunderstandings between guests and kitchen personnel.
  • Laborious analyzing of the composition of dishes as well as unpleasant and time-consuming further inquiries are prevented on both sides.
  • People suffering from allergies do not need to fear hidden animal ingredients (allergies regarding egg- and milk-components belong to the most frequent food allergies) since also in this regard the personnel is instructed thoroughly and the dishes are all categorized correctly.
  • Erroneously declared menus are a thing of the past, thanks to the consultation process before (and after) the granting of licences.
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